Konstantina Efthymiou, the Greek FinMin’s classy PR person (photos). Um novo ar helénico para a Europa farta de Varoufakis

Nota prévia: A razão tem razões que o coração desconhece...

From English literature, to magazines, to jewelry… to politics!


Her recruitment is nowhere to be found on the Diavgeia magazine that announces such appointments, but nonetheless she visits the Ministry of Finance on Nikis Street on a daily basis.
Efthymiou accompanies Varoufakis at all public appearances and it is her duty to introduce him to Very Important People that Varoufakis has not yet had the pleasure of meeting.
It still remains to be revealed how the Li-La-Lo spokeswoman came to be the one who cares for Varoufakis’ personal image at key – and often crucial – events, such as the recent meeting of the Federation of Greek Industries (FGI) at the Athens Concert Hall. To handle the minister’s image as though he were a “jewel” is indeed far-fetched. On Monday, however, Efthymiou cordially welcomed the minister and his wife, Danae Stratou, at the steps of the Athens Concert Hall, and she seemed to be particularly familiar with the minister’s wife.
The goodlooking woman could not help but draw the attention of journalists and photographers as she looked on. (..)

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